Norvel Hermanovski founded the Atelier that became Silver Hill in 1979. Norvel’s early training was in architecture, but on extended visits to Italy in his student days, he found himself more attracted to the art that adorns every surface of the interiors than the architecture that surrounds it. It was on these trips Norvel realized his destiny was as an artist, not an architect. It was also on these visits that Norvel found his personal passion; Fresco’s. Based on his studies in Italy, Norvel began a series of personal artworks that used the medium of the classical fresco to express contemporary motifs.

On his return to New York in the late 70’s, Norvel pursued a fine arts career exhibiting his original frescos in galleries in SoHo and the East Village. However, his friends around town kept hiring him to work on murals for restaurants and nightclubs. Before long, this side business was taking up more and more time until within a couple of years he was creating murals and decorative finishes for interiors full time, working for clients such as David Bowie, George Hamilton, and nightclubs such as Area. Although he was busy full time, the business was small; Norvel doing all the painting, and his partner Fay Zinger handling the business.
It was around this time, that Norvel got a commission to create a ‘cloud ceiling’ painting for a jewelry store at a mall in Dallas, Texas. One day after wrapping up on the ceiling, Norvel was wandering the mall, and he peeked his head behind a construction barricade. “Who are you?” Someone demanded. Norvel explained that he was an artist working on a cloud painting at a nearby store. “Can you paint a landscape and cherubs on this wall,” the man indicating a wall about 30’ x 10’, “ by tomorrow morning?” It was 5:30 in the evening. Norvel said, “Sure.” And the next morning, when the designer and clients arrived at 7am, the painting was complete, and Norvel was sound asleep on the store’s cashwrap.

The man was designer James Mansour, and the store was the Limited’s Express store. This chance meeting ended up being a contract that lasted more than seven years, as Norvel and his growing company produced literally thousands of museum quality reproductions of French artists such as Fragonard, Magritte, David, Ingres, and others.This initial growth spurred the creation of the vibrant, dynamic company that exists today. Today, Silver Hill Atelier employs more than thirty artists, designers, craftspeople, and support staff working on a variety of projects for prominent names such as Disney Hotels,Godiva Stores, Mohegan Sun Resort and Casinos, ‘W’ Hotels, Ian Shrager, Macy’s and many others. Silver Hill Atelier also takes particular pride in our projects for the residential market, where our client’s trust in our taste and our quality is the hallmark of our success.

Norvel’s goal with Silver Hll Atelier is to continue to find new ways of bringing the grace, beauty, intelligence, and harmony of classical painting to the chic and creative contemporary interiors of today’s designers.


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